Making manufacturing plan based on the recipe, mixing the right quantity, grinding the mixture with roll-mill by the required times : this is the manufacturing process. It may appear simple but is not definitely. The process is controlled by numerical value management system with the manufacturing machines and computers. However, the final factor that decides quality is the proficient skill base on the experience. Hands that manipulating machines and adjusting small differences of the pressure are, so called, "God Hands". We will pass down this skill, which has been inherited for half a century, to the next generation.

The manufacturing place is not completely automatized. This is the place where workers ' experience and skill are challenged. Our goal is to provide stable quality keeping to the customer's delivery time. "Stable quality" means that the products pass the various criteria such as viscosity, density and particle size always at higher level. The inks which need diversified function like conductivity have been recently increased. The data and recipe are becoming complicated accordingly. Many kinds of requirements are added to the requirement just for colors, which needs our professional skill even more.

We are now advancing factory improvement activities by inviting consultant while preserving the skill which is inherited from our seniors . The activities range from production efficiency by changing layout of the work place and working process to our awareness.
The consultant gave us difficult problems like "stopping half of machines" or "not using tools", and made us think. We had some difficulties at first changing the way we had been used to. However, we have gradually changed and begun to ask ourselves , "Is this really the best way?" The demand for short delivery time and various kinds of small quantity production has been increasing. We can now take up such challenge as we may have thought impossible before.

Manufacturing is the "defending" division if R&D and Sales are "attacking" division.
"Defenders" have defenders' pride. We will continue to do our best to overcome difficulties with our expertise and impregnable defense to satisfy the customers' demand.