Color-matching is a job to create the color customer wants by mixing colors. Designers of printing companies are among our customers. We show how we produce the color they request in front of them brilliantly like magic. We do not just mixing colors. For example, the color printed on a frosted glass looks differently from what is printed on a plastic container. The appearance changes in many ways by the combination of color and texture. There are many kinds of color data in our drawers which we have learned and accumulated from our experience.

We casually call the color "yellow" or "red". We, color-matching engineers, never say like that. There are so many gradation from yellowish red to bluish red that their combination is unlimited. To produce the color using as small kinds of colors as possible is professional's job because the color must be reproduced precisely. When the color is a long-seller, it is produced many times in a big quantity. To use as small kinds of color as possible is important to reproduce the color precisely and stably.

The completely same color is not always reproduced even with the same recipe as the pigment used to manufacture ink is made from natural mineral. Although we have the numeric management system for stable color-matching, the final decision is made by our eyes. We find the subtle difference and make adjustment by our eyes, which is one of our skill we are proud of.

It is the tendency in the manufacturing field that the products are flexibly produced depending on the demand to avoid excessive stock. The request for shorter delivery time is increasing. We can display our ability to the full in such situation by gathering our expertise and experience. "Never comprising in color-matching" is Jujo's tradition that has been inherited over fifty years. That is not enough these days. Response ability and resourcefulness are also required. We want to be professionals customers rely on saying "Jujo can manage it." or "Jujo's color-matching engineer can figure it out."

We spare no effort to improve our skill to be such professional group.