Jujo is providing UV coating material and paint which are manufactured using the technique we gained from the experience as a screen printing ink maker. UV coating/paint with thin or thick film as well as those with special function are available.


  • Beautiful appearance and mirror-like gloss produced by superb levelling
  • Excellent resistance to scarring, abrasion and chemical to protect the product
  • Splendid transparency and levelling
  • The coating/paint cure by few-second-UV cure and the product is ready to be shipped immediately after coating.
  • Contributing to labor safety due to decreased use of thinner.
    (Since it is UV product(coating, paint), good for occupational safety as quantity of solvent used is minimized)
  • Customized products are available to meet the customer's needs.
  • Paint/coating with special functions(anti-fog, anti-rust, anti-bacteria, conductivity, etc.) are available.
  • Special textured surface and touch feeling
  • Frosted(matt) finish
  • Diffusion effect, AG-coating, etc.


  • UV paint : Various paint (electric appliances, plastic container, automobile, glass, furniture, building material, etc.)
  • UV coating : sheet, film, hardcoat, AG coating, polarizing plate, light-diffusing sheet