Our products are used for various purposes such as automobile, computer, packages and feeding bottle. Each purpose has its own requirements.

We, coordinators, must understand the extensive information of Jujo products as well as printing technologies to support the customers . Our goal is perfect support. We feel happy when the customer says that Jujo's service is the best. Jujo's products are highly evaluated for their high quality in Thailand. But Jujo's advantage is not just the quality. We are chosen as a supplier for our total performance that provides both high quality and good service.

I am trying to support the customers with my 120% power to satisfy the customer's demand. I feel proud that Jujo's product and my service combine to produce Jujo's value.I try to support customer with 120% of my ability and add value to company with our product and service.

There is an example : the customer wanted the ink for a nameplate. Polyester(PET) and polycarbonate(PC) are the substrates normally used for nameplates. Other ink makers recommended different inks for each substrate. Jujo Chemical modified the existing PET ink so that it could be used for both PET and PC by devisal of the material composing thinner content.

Jujo is known as ink maker in Thailand. But we are the company who can provide solution beyond the field of printing. We are trying to establish the recognition as a solution provider. We want to be a supplier the customers rely on when in trouble.

The demand for environmentally-friendly products and safe products has been increasing. We are working on this demand and aiming at providing the products that meet the needs ahead of the other companies. The market demand changes with trend. We have to keep up with the trend to introduce the products that meets the needs of the time or, furthermore, half step ahead of the time although we treasure the technology which has been cultivated throughout the company history . It is our role to pass down the technology we developed to the next generation, and build stronger trusting relationship with customers . as well as the valuable relationship with the customers we built.