Sales assistants support sales activities. We take care of the orders of the customers with whom coordinators established the relationship. We send the orders to the factory, and adjust the delivery time checking the status of material stock and the busyness of the factory. Sales assistants not only act as liaison between customers and factories but also help the whole company activities from sales to manufacture and R&D. We are supporting Jujo people so that they can fully demonstrate their ability , which we believe eventually makes Jujo a highly regarded enterprise.

"You always sounds bright.", "Talking with you cheers me up.": these are the customer's voices we are proud of . We think we are Jujo's window to the customers although we seldom meet the customers. We always hope our bright smile is conveyed to the other side of phone line. Communication ability is important all the more because we do not usually talk with the customer face-to-face.

We have several hundred customers. We sales assistants share the information, occasionally switch roles and check each other's job in order to secure the performance as a group. We have made many job improvements for the past few years. One of them is "exchange training" among the branches to help each assistant to review her job and to think how to improve it. This not only reduces mistakes at work but to produce the feeling to change for the better. Our positive attitude brightens up the workplace atmosphere. Good job comes from good environment.
Our job is not just to take care of the orders. We believe these activities lead to the customer satisfaction.

Jujo Chemical is evaluated as a company that provides "the color customer wants".
Jujo's customer-oriented culture makes this possible. We are making everyday efforts to provide "Jujo's value" to the customers by supporting internal operation.