Wide-ranging area of precision instruments such as electronic circuit, IC tag and liquid crystal

Safe and user-friendly products for test device sensor, nursing care goods, graduations on injection syringe, and control panel of medical equipments

Adding value to make differentiation to container for cosmetics, display, label and package

Display panel and inner parts of digital camera, TV, amusement device, printer and blue-ray recorder

Parts of high-specification such as speed meter, car navigation, interior, decal sheet, head light and operation panel

The important component for fast response and easy operation of ATM, car navigation, smart phone and tablet

De-solvent, products with less environmentally hazardous substances, energy-saving by efficient operation

Supporting development of new materials in the field of decoration, printing and coating. Contributing to improve quality and production efficiency


What can we do to contribute to the society more? Can we make human life dramatically convenient? Can we make human life more enjoyable? Can we help to make healthier future life?
We believe our technology and expertise accumulated over 50 years can answer these questions. Our technology is the technology that makes dreams come true. Our technology is the technology that creates new dreams.


What we are providing is not just "color". What we are providing is the solution to the customer's problem. Jujo, not as ink maker but as chemical maker, makes the wide-range suggestion like performance, cost and convenience. Not only coordinators who are customer-facing staff but also back office staff are working together to satisfy the customer's request.