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18. Shenzhen Color Matching Center opened

We are pleased to inform that our China factory, Jujo Printing Supplies and Technology (Pinghu) Co.,Ltd, opened color-matching center in Shenzhen, Guang Dong.
The purpose of this center is to provide the Japanese customers in South China and local customers with quick color-matching service. Jujo’s inks are also available there.
Please make the inqiry to Color Matching Center for the details of the available ink and color-matching service.
Phone number : 86-755-89630010.

17. Conformance to Halogen regulation

Some of our products have “(HL)” after the color names. It is guaranteed that these products with “(HL)” indication are compliant to the below Halogen Regulation:
Br : Up to 900ppm
Cl : Up to 900ppm
Br+Cl : Up to 1500ppm

In addition to them, some are conformed to this Halogen regulation even without “(HL)”.

16. Chinese on the label

It is annouced by China government that the products should have Chinese indication on their labels.

We will add Chinese translation to the conventional English labels except the color-matched-ink name upon this notification.
This will be implemented from March 1st production.

Please refer to the attached samples of Chinese-added labels.


1. Solvent-based ink 2. UV ink
Solvent-based ink UV ink

14. Jujo Chemical (India) was opened


Jujo Chemical (India) Pvt.Ltd located in Chennai is Jujo’s representative in India.
The role of Jujo Chemical (India) is to supply Japanese and local companies with our screen printing ink with high-performance and excellent quality.
Jujo Chemical (India) makes it possible to provide our products with short lead time and low price. Color-matching service is available.
Please ask the sales person for the available products.
Phone number is 91-44-4280 2488. Mobile is 91-9003204908.

15. Renewal of ISO9001 at our Thai factory


We are pleased to inform that intenational quality management system, ISO9001, which Jujo Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. acquired in June 2009, was renewed.