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12. Change of company logo

We are pleased to announce that our company logo will be changed from the current one which has been supporting our business for a long time and recognized widely by our customers.
Both old logo and new logo will be used for a while after this change in the labels and other documents.
We would very much appreciate having your kind understanding and continuing support.

New logo


Will be changed from January, 2011 (although old logo will also be used for a while)

11. China Plant was opened

Jujo Printing Supplies & Technology (Pinghu) Co., Ltd.

Jujo Printing Supplies & Technology (Pinghu) Co., Ltd. is Jujo’s China plant established in 2009.
The purpose of this plant is to provide Japanese companies operating in China and local customers
with our high-quality screen printing ink with reasonable price and shorter lead time.
We have done pilot production since establishment and are now ready to offer stable supply.
Jujo China also provides color-matching service for the customers.

Please ask the sales person for the information of the items Jujo China manufactures and sells.

  • Phone number: 86-573-85032618
  • Fax number: 86-573-85032628
  • Inquiry by Web please use the Inquiry Form.

Jujo Printing Supplies & Technology (Pinghu) Co., Ltd. acquired ISO9001 in 2009 and is capable
of supplying the products with the same quality as what are manufactured in Japan.

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