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2. Acquisiton of ISO9001 at all our organizations

Our Hanyu Factory and Hanyu Technical Center acquired ISO9002(ISO: International Organization for Standardization) in December,2002. After that, We continued working to acquire ISO9001 at all the other organizations.

In August, Japan Chemical Quality Assurance Ltd.(JCQA) verified that all the organizations of our company are in accordance with the requirements of the standards.

We will continue our efforts to maintain our good quality by checking all the operating system from manufacturing to shipment. It is our aim to offer better service to our customers by establishing excellent quality control system. We will keep on improving our system for this purpose.

We would like to ask all our customers to extend us continuing support.


Quality System Standards : JIS Q 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2000
Certificate No. : JCQA-1198
Registration Date : December 16,2002
Name of Supplier : JUJO CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.
Address of Supplier : Head office
6-10-22, Akabane-Nishi, Kita-Ku, Tokyo 115-0055
Osaka branch
7-13-30, Minami-Tsumori, Nishinari-Ku, Osaka 557-0063
Nagoya branch
512, Nissin Bldg, 1-25-1 Aoi, Higashi-Ku, Nagoya, Aichi 461-0004
Hanyu factory & technical center
2-705-20 Komatsudai, Hanyu, Saitama 348-0038
Kodama factory & branch
285-6 Aza-Toyohara, Oaza Motohara, Kamikawa-Cho, Kodama-Gun, Saitama 367-0241
Omiya color matching center
25 Sanjo-cho, Nishi-Ku, Saitama-city, Saitama 331-0056
Scope of Environmental Management System : The Design, Development, Manufacturing and sales of Printing Ink (UV Curable Ink, Solvent-based Ink, Water-based Ink, Two-component Type of Ink)

The Manufacturing, Toll Manufacturing and Sales of Related Thinner and Additives