• paper
  • vinyl
  • acryl
  • styrene,AS
  • ABS
  • polycarbonate
  • PET (treated and untreated)
  • treated PE, treated PP
  • engineering plastics
  • synthetic paper
  • fabrics(nylon, unwoven cloth)
  • unprimed metal
  • primed metal
  • glass
(matt finish, diffusing effects, textured finish, pseudo-etching, mirror-like smooth finish, wrinkle pattern, coral pattern, iridescence.)
functional ink
(insulation, conductive(carbon/silver), spacer, adhesive, masking, UV-cutting clear, anti-slipping, scratch-off, color-performance by black lamp, phosphorescent)

  • vinyl
  • acryl
  • styrene
  • AS and ABS
  • polycarbonate
  • PET(treated and untreated),
  • treated PE, treated PP
  • engineering plastics
  • metal and glass

  • aluminum paste
  • bronze powder
  • fluorescent pigment
  • pearl powder
  • glass beads
  • urethane beads
  • functional pigment(phosphorescent)

  • stencil
  • screen mesh
  • aluminium frame
  • film for making direct/indirect stencil
  • masking film
  • cutting paper
  • squeegee
  • screen printing machine
  • pad printing machine
  • UV dryer
  • oven
  • drying rack
  • waste cloth
  • spray adhesive
  • solvent-resistant gloves

  • thinner
  • reducer
  • adhesion-improving agent
  • hardener
  • de-foamer
  • thixotropy-adding agent
  • matting agent
  • primer

  • Plastics


Jujo Chemical established the following quality environmental policy to build Quality Environment Management System(QEMS) :

Jujo Chemical Co.,Ltd. and Jujo Chemical Mfg.Ltd. takes active steps to ensure the quality management and environmental conservation mainly through the manufacture and sales of screen printing ink.

  1. 1.We will contribute to society by supplying environmentally-friendly and reliable products and services.
  2. 2.We will make quick response to the requirements of quality, service and Green procurement, looking from customers’ point of view.
  3. 3.Jujo Chemical observes environmental regulations and requirements to prevent pollution and environment load.
  4. 4.Every operation unit lays out its goals. The goals are reviewed at management review so that the efforts for the better continue.
  5. 5.People working at Jujo develop their ability to think and grow personally through the activities to ensure quality and environmental conservation.
  6. established : Dec.,10, 2003
    revised : Mar., 1, 2015