Jujo’s R&D people are called “blender”. They are the people who are pursuing the best blend that satisfies customers’ diversified needs and applications. They use the best materials, accumulated knowledge and expertise to achieve the task, just like the cook who is pursuing the finest sauce that never existed.

We, “blenders”, have a passion for achieving the best for our customers. We think from customer’s point of view and try until the solution is found.

Our pursuit of “the best recipe” has no end as we continue to open up the new value for the customers. It is our joy to see the products we developed serving. It is our responsibility to explore the finest quality.

We think it important to have a direct discussion with the customers to understand customer needs better and faster. It is Jujo’s way to give the opportunity to young staff. The young “blenders” will inherit Jujo’s technology and enhance its value with their power.